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The international airport in Košice is just 6 kilometres south of the city centre. There are daily flight connections with the Slovak capital Bratislava. At present, Košice has regular international air connections with the likes of Prague, Vienna and London. Airport Košice has a non-stop general aviation service for private and commercial travellers. For more information about all flights, visit  or call the non-stop passenger information line on +421 (0) 55 683 2100.
The airport is connected to the city centre and the main train and bus stations by public bus number 23 every hour. The bus journey to the city centre takes around 15 minutes. You can also use a taxi service to get to the centre.

Train connections from Vienna, Bratislava and Prague will take you right to Košice city centre. The comfortable journey by EC/IC train from Prague takes 8 hours, while from Bratislava it is just under 5 hours. If you travel at night, you can use the couchette or sleeping cars, or take a motorail train. Košice is also linked by rail to Budapest, with two direct connections – morning and afternoon, with the journey taking around 3.5 hours. Kiev is another destination that the city has direct connections with. For more information, visit  or  or call the information line on +421 (0) 18 188.

There are direct bus links from Košice to numerous European capitals, i.e. Paris, Rotterdam, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Rome, Florence, Venice, Prague and Vienna. There are several connections daily between Bratislava and Košice. There is also a direct shuttle bus from Budapest Airport to Košice, tickets for which can be bought as part of your flight ticket. For more information, visit  or , or by calling the information line +421 (0) 972 250 305.

By its position at the north-south crossroads between Poland and Hungary and the east-west route from Bratislava/Prague to Ukraine, the city of Košice is easily accessible from every direction. You can get to Košice from Bratislava along the E50 international route, most of which is by motorway. From Budapest you can go by motorway or by the E71/E79 (M1 and M3) expressway. All routes connect up to the city ring road, from which you can cut off to the city centre, where you will find easy parking. Parking boxes are marked on the streets or you can use any of the car parks. Parking in the centre is charged.

If you need some help, we will happily give you friendly advice at our Košice Visitor Centre at Hlavná street 59, on the local info line at + 421 (0) 55 625 8888 or from the e-mail address

London - Košice

New air route flying from London directly to Košice commencing on 17 September 2013.

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