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Košice Gold

The official cocktail of the city of Košice served only in the city’s bounds – the second highlight after the Košice Gold treasure, is something you should definitely not miss out on when visiting Košice. You can sample this refreshing drink with secret recipe by excellent Slovak barman Rasťo Kubáň at selected establishments in the city. The hot version will warm you on a long winter evening.

Exactly 150 years after the first modern cocktail called Martinez, on which Martini is nowadays based, was created in California, Slovakia came up with its own unique Golden drink. Košice Gold is for this city what mojito is for Cuba, Manhattan and Cosmopolitan for New York and Caipirinha for Brazil.

For a long time, Košice used to be the wealthy commercial capital of Upper Hungary, accumulating large amounts of gold. In times of unrest, gold was often hidden to save it from thieves. One such hidden treasure remained buried until 1935. The Košice Gold Treasure – 11.5 kilograms of golden coins and chains!

But this is not our only gold. The other, liquid one was created from Metaxa on 10 September 2010 in a fantastic flair show. In both its warm and cocktail version, it is a delicious symphony of tastes.
Enjoy Košice Gold in selected restaurants and bars of Košice!

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