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St. Elisabeth's Cathedral

For all enthusiasts who would like to explore each nook of the city’s pre-eminent monument, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture - St. Elizabeth's Cathedral, we have prepared a monothematic tour of this sight. Discover the marvellous interior, precious staircase and the crypt of the cathedral which has survived many calamities and has undegonet numerous restorations. At last enjoy a magnificent scenic view from the Northern Tower. Duration of the tour is 1 hour.

Week days: Monday - Saturday

The Saint Elisabeth Cathedral as well as the Urban’s tower and Michal’s Chapel have been proclaimed the national cultural heritage. There is a guide service in church every day except for Sundays, when the masses take place. The Cathedral houses precious interior. The greatest merit goes to the main altar of the Saint Elisabeth with fortyeight pictures, a hung sculpture of Immaculate and a late gothic wing altar of “The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary ”. In 1906 a crypt was built under the North vessel of the Cathedral where the remains of Francis II Rakoczy and his fellows were brought from Turkey. Attention drawing is also the combined gothic staircase leading to an emporia ( a place for the church’s choir and the organ) over the South fibrillation, one of the five in Europe. Very similar staircase is situated on the South frontage of the Cathedral of The Saint Vit in Prague. Around the edges of the outer circuit you can see interesting zoomorphic spouts of water. On the southwest corner one looks like a woman, the spouse of the constructor of the Cathedral, Master Stephen, this is how he allegedly punished her for drinking too much wine. Also remarkable is the city view from a sixty meter high North Tower. When leaving the cathedral take a close look at its frontage, and maybe, you will crack the puzzle, why this cathedral is so unique in the whole world.

Entrances: St. Elisabeth's Cathedral, Royal Staircase, Rakoczi Crypt
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