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Medieval Košice

Medieval Košice is a unique tour that takes you through the medieval monuments of the city and their stories. Duration of the tour is 2 hours.

Week days: Tuesday - Sunday

During this tour visitors visit unique, underground archeological museum called Lower Gate, where the tour through the medieval walls will take them back in time. It is followed by the visit of the Miklus Prison, where apart from the real prison like atmosphere with a torture chamber and the executioner Miklus, visitors will experience unique guild relics, which are installed in the former prisoner’s cells, exhibitions connected with the history, businesses and crafts. In the exposition called “Executioner’s flat” visitors can go through the collection of the original execution swords of Kosice executioners. The last stop is the place of The Executioner’s bastion with its medieval walls and the biggest bastion in Slovakia, which used to protect one of the entrances to the city - The Medieval Gate.

Medieval Kosice Live! If interested, it is possible to arrange live performances of traditional fencing or reconstructions of historical battles or events.

Entrances: Lower Gate, Rodošto
For information about price, please contact:
Košice Visitor Centre, Hlavná st. 59, Košice 040 01, T: +421 55 625 88 88, E:

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