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Sándor Márai

Sándor Márai is a world-wide known persona that does not need to be specially introduced. Márai wrote forty-six books, mostly novels, and was considered by literary critics to be one of Hungary's most influential representatives of middle class literature between the two world wars. His childhood and youth had strong links with Košice and are being remembered in his home town via the Project – Culture of Košice – The European Capital of Culture 2013. Marai was born on 11 April 1900 in Košice. After coming of age, he would only return to Košice on vacations, but remained faithful to its memory, which is often reflected in his literary works. Our tour will take you to his memorial room at the house where Márai lived as a child. After visiting the room you will learn about both the hurt but also the love that Márai managed to breathe into his books. This tour will provide you with the great chance to learn interesting things about him and breathe real old town atmosphere to your visit. Duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.

1 Sándor Márai's birthplace / Bočná st. 2
Sándor Márai was born on 11 April 1900 at 8 pm in the building of the former 6 Klinček street (today: 2 Bočná street, south wing, next to the car park).

2 Márai's Studio in Thália Theatre / Timonova st. 3
Thália Theatre bearing the name of the writer - Márai’s Studio was open in 2002. The building’s facade boasts a fresco entitled Kassai polgárok (Burghers of Košice) by Imre Schrammel.

3 Maléter's House / Mlynská st. 25
The writer’s future wife Lola was of the Matzner family, which used to live in the first floor flat in this house. Legend has it that it was from this very flat that the young Márai kidnapped his bride-to-be.

4 Former Európa Hotel (today's Volksbank) / Mlynská st. 29
In 1941, the writer was accommodated here for a day during his visit to Košice, which is also mentioned in his book Kassai őrjárat (Wanderings around Košice). Th is is also the place where Márai started writing his play Mágia (Magic) two years later.

5 Premonstarensians school / Kováčska st. 28
Since 1990, the writer studied at the school owned by the Premonstratensian Order in Jasov. He completed it in 1916, after two periods of postponing his studies. The writer continued his studies in Prešov.

6 Former Megay's Confectionery (today's Carpano restaurant) / Hlavná st. 42
This confectionery, which was once famous for its cakes, was where Sándor Márai and Lola met during an ice-cream competition.

7 Sándor Márai's Sculpture / Zbrojničná - Mäsiarska street
The sculpture by Péter Gáspár portraying S. Márai was revealed on 11th December, 2004. Since then, it is one of the most popular sites in the city of Košice.

8 House on Mäsiarska Street and the commemorative room / Mäsiarska st. 35
It is highly probable that in 1915 the Grosschmid family moved to the house on Mäsiarska street 35. The plaque revealing ceremony took place on 22th of March 1998.

9 Bankov
An all-time favourite trip for the citizens of Košice. The Grosschmid family liked to come here too. This place is also mentioned in the author’s masterpiece Egy polgár vallomásai (Confessions of a citizen).

Entrances: Sándor Márai Menorial Room
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