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There is an interesting choice of museums in Košice with something for everyone.

Archaeology foremost
Right at the beginning of Hlavná street there is the underground archaeological museum, which reveals one of the original gateways to the city from the 13th century, together with other historic fortifications, bulwark and buildings. You can be taken even further back in history by the Nižná Myšľa Local Museum, where you can find local digging sites from the settlement of primeval hunters of moose and mammoths and their graves from 3,500 years ago.
Nature, history, treasure, art and personalities
You can find out about the nature of the Carpathians, the art and history of Košice, the historical figure of Francis II Rákóczi and the medieval prison with executioner’s flat at the East Slovak Museum in Košice, which organises various thematic exhibitions in its four buildings in the historic city centre. Visitors to the museum will enjoy the exposition called Košice Gold Treasure, but at present it is being exhibited outside Košice until the end of 2012. Wax figures of the most famous personalities of Košice make up the exposition at the only Slovak Wax Museum in St. Urban’s Tower. The birth and life of world-renowned author Sándor Márai is recollected in his Memorial Room on Mäsiarska street. The museum of the excellent Košice sculptor and promoter of art Vojtech Löffler celebrates his artistic works.
Exploring and technical heritage
Set off in the footsteps of Aurel Stodola – a major personality of Košice, creator of the theory of steam turbines and master of thermodynamics. It is a known fact that also Albert Einstein would attend his lectures. Science and research, supported in Košice by the Technical University, is presented to visitors of the Slovak Technical Museum, the only one of its kind in Slovakia. Its latest exposition, Museum of Aviation, located on the grounds of the airport, has an interesting collection of vintage aircraft. The Slovak Technical Museum also has a Planetarium and an exposition of antique timepieces in nearby Budimír. You can find a Planetarium also in the Domino free-time centre, which organises educational programmes.

Lower Gate

The underground museum complex with original gateway to the city.

East Slovak Museum

The oldest museum in Košice.

Sándor Márai Memorial room

The place of the personal belongings of the Europe's most read writer - the native of Košice.

Slovak Technical Museum

The only museum in Slovakia with the Aurel Stodola energy department and a hall focusing on electric charge.

HUMNO Ethnographic Museum

Unique etnographical museum HUMNO presents regional traditions and folk culture.

Glass Museum

Glass transformed into artistic and noble objects in unique collection.

Domino Planetarium

Second planetarium in the city

Nižná Myšľa Museum

You can find there local digging sites from the settlement of primeval hunters of moose and mammoths and their graves from 3,500 years

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