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Košice Gold Treasure

EASTERN SLOVAK MUSEUM / Námestie maratónu mieru 2 / Košice Gold Treasure has been one of the most significant finds of its kind in the world

The so called Košice Gold Treasure was discovered on 24 August 1935, during the reconstruction of the building at 68 Hlavná Street in Košice and has since been one of the most significant finds of its kind in the world. Weighing 11.5 kilograms, it comprises 2920 gold coins, three medals and a 2.14 m long Renaissance chain. Deposited in a copper casket engraved with animal motives, the treasure was found in what was once the building of Spiš Chamber. Even though the year of its deposition in this place is not known, the newest of the coins, dating back to the reign of Leopold I, suggest the time shortly after 1679. It is probable that, in the period of anti-Habsburg uprisings, the owner of the treasure was trying to hide it from rebel forces led by Imre Thököly, who occupied Košice in 1682.

Escape from hot summer air to the chilling atmosphere of Eastern Slovak Museums historical building and enjoy the new exhibition.

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